Google Buzz- Will Google start using it for Search Rankings?

Google this week came out with a new product meant to compete with social networking giants, Twitter and Facebook. The product is called Google Buzz and it runs on a lot of the same premises as Facebook and Twitter currently do. You can update your friends and followers with websites you like, what you are doing, and where you are going through status-type updates. All of the technology integrates with the contacts that are currently in your Gmail address book. So, you have to have a Gmail account to take advantage of Google Buzz. Here is a video that shows how Google Buzz works:

Google Buzz will surely become an important social networking tool for businesses to take note of. With Google’s huge power of information, it will be advantageous to reach customers by Google Buzz, just as it is important right now to leverage Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers.

The question that the emergence of Google Buzz creates for me is, because of Google’s tremendous power over Internet searches and information in general, will Google now start using Google Buzz participation as a ranking factor for Google search? Google already came down with a list of five new components for 2010 that they will now take into consideration of search rankings. (more on that in a later post) Will Google Buzz be the next addition to their Google algorithm? What do you think? We here at The Face of Internet Marketing will keep you posted.

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