Local Businesses Can Use Social Media Effectively

I think that some local businesses, especially those in rural areas, are not quite sure how to use social media to their full advantage.  We see this a lot from our work with Economic Development.  Sure there is Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, GoWalla, and other social networks and applications out there…but really how do business use those things to translate social media into sales?

I saw an interesting post today about how to turn local customers into raving on-line fans, here at Social Media Examiner.  In the example, a Dominos Pizza franchisee talks about what his company does to get local customers to willingly promote their pizza and business online.  He puts people’s Twitter messages about their business on their pizza boxes.  He pairs direct mail and paper advertising with an on-line message to support it.  Other great ideas from the story include:

–  Monitoring Twitter and responding to any mentions, even if they are negative
–  Put up a graphic that is a “photo opportunity” up on a wall in your store/business and encourage people to take a picture with it and share it online
–  If someone checks in via FourSquare, Twitter or Facebook – Thank them

These are just a few ways that local businesses, even rural businesses can get involved in the social media game.  If your business needs help, please contact JenRus Freelance your rural life marketing and Internet Marketing experts.