How the “Like” button has influenced us

Facebook Like ButtonThe other day something interesting happened to me.  I was reading an on-line article and I really liked it.  So, when I got to the end of the article, I did the “natural” thing…I looked for the “like” button.  When the website didn’t have a “like” button, it really threw me off.  Then I realized, what does this say about me and the affect that Facebook has had on our everyday dealings on the Internet?

What does this mean about me?

First of all, it says that I spend a large amount of time on Facebook apparently.  I am so used to reading through posts that I like, pushing the “Like” button when I agree on the content and possibly commenting on the topic if it really moves me.  How “appalling’ to think that I might have to take the time to comment every time on a post if I like it, instead of getting a button to push!  How lazy have I gotten?

What does this mean for your business?

If I am that reliant on the Facebook button, that probably means that many other people are reliant on the “Like” button too.  Some of these people are probably your customers or consumers of your information.  To increase interaction on your blog or website, make sure that you include a Facebook Like widget or application.  750 Million people are used to how Facebook works, let this interaction translate into results for your business.

Hey, push the Facebook “Like” button on this post and share it if you like it!  Eh Em…’s over there ——–>