Four Different Social Media User Approaches- Business vs. Personal

In social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, people tend to have four separate approaches.  There are social media users that –

  1. Have a personal account and a business account separate from each other
  2. Combine their business and  personal accounts
  3. Only have a personal account and do not participate in social media for business
  4. Don’t participate in social media at all

In my opinion, approach number one is the best approach to social media accounts.  You should keep your personal and professional lives separate on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.  Keeping your personal and business brands separate, also means keeping your business and personal contacts separate. When you have your social media contacts separate, it is much easier to tailor your social media message to the social networking audience of your choice.

Social mediums should be treated like any other advertising or networking medium in the “real” world. In marketing you always have to consider who your audience is and what message would be most affective to reach that audience. Twitter and Facebook should be no different. Your business colleagues probably don’t want to know what you had for breakfast (or might be offended by your personal opinion of who should get voted off American Idol) and your personal contacts probably don’t care about the new accounting system that you just launched. Protect your brand by carefully selecting the message – keeping your business and private lives separate in your social world.