How do people use Social Media? From Marketing to PR to Small Business

When I look through the people whom I follow on my JenRus Freelance Twitter account, I see a large array of people who are in the social media business in some way. It is extremely interesting to me that so many different professionals can leverage social media to better themselves and their business. For instance, just by taking a short face_of_internet_marketing_twitter1glance at the those that I follow, I see public relations professionals, marketers, camp ground owners, a Chamber of Commerce, college students, programmers, video specialists, newspapers, and more. So, what are some of the differences in how all of these contrasting people use social media? Here is some insight:
1. Those in Marketing – Marketers use social media to make their clients business and products show up on the Internet. The goal is to make customers aware of products and make it easier for them to buy the product or service. Social media can also be an excellent tool to receive and respond to customer feedback. This can be done through strategic posts and promotions on a large number of sites including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums, and more. The social media team at RVingPlanet (@Rvingplanet) uses social media to keep RV owners and related businesses informed of interesting RV stories and new developments in RV sales on the RVingPlanet family of sites.

2. Those in Public Relations – How does a PR Professional’s approach differ from a marketer’s approach to social media? Well, these lines are starting to blur a little bit according to WebPro News. The goal for Public Relations is to make it easier for journalists to find information about companies, products, and other story ideas. PR Professionals like Rachel Esterline (@rachelesterline) do a good job of using social media. Among other things, Rachel uses social media to drive people to her blog and tell her followers about writing projects she is working on.

3. Those who are Business Owners– Social Media can be a very time consuming medium if you want to do it right, so there are maybe fewer small business owners who are really currently active in social media because most small business owners take care of their customers first and their business second (that’s why there has been such a delay in updating this blog or course). However, those that are, like Mary Arlington from High Plains Camping (@highplainscamp) in Oakley Kansas uses her blog, Twitter account, and Facebook status to entertain, inform, and encourage people to visit her RV campground.

There are is an abundant amount of ways to use social media, an abundant amount of different people who use social media, and an abundant amount of websites that cater to social media. And it seems to be changing every day!

How do you use social media? How would you like to use social media? We want to hear from you. Leave a comment below.