Social Media and SEO -Conversions just as Important as Visitors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to get people to a business’ website.  But, once the potential customer has been attracted, it is just as important to get those potential customers to convert (make the sale or perform the desired action) once they get to the website.  A conversion involves a combination of an ad that is fun/interesting and that post being relevant to the user.

If I love to shop and I see a cute dress on a Facebook ad, I might click on it and buy from a company that I have never bought from before.  (This actually happened)  If I have extra time on my hands and my kids see the “Elf Yourself” promotion from Office Max at Christmas time, I might click on the promotion and make an Elf.  Interesting/attention-getting message + item that I am interested in = conversion.

There’s is also another component with brands that people already know and like.  For instance, if a customer really likes to shop at Target and then signs up to be a Facebook fan of the company.  This customer is pursuing an on-going relationship with Target, potentially looking for fan-0nly discounts, and this will hopefully convert to a sale at a later date.

Google Analytics has a way to track conversions by setting up goals in the program.  Facebook also has analytics associated with Facebook fan pages which will show important information about visitors to the page.

Facebook users actually specify their likes through posting their interests in their Facebook profile.  By using this available information, businesses can buy Facebook ads that are very tailored to the demographic that their product or service serves.

So remember, search engine optimization components like an increase in website visitors and higher rankings are important…but, conversions actually make the sale and help your website to generate money for you.