Your business on Facebook- It’s Important

I came across this article the other day that covers, “Why your business needs to be on Facebook”. It just reinforces what I tell my clients every day, Facebook and other forms of social media are getting harder and harder to ignore. Some businesses still think that social media might be a passing fad, some just don’t have the time to devote to developing a social media initiative, and still other business owners don’t have the expertise with computers/the Internet to do social media.

So, why should your business be on Facebook and quickly?:

1. Facebook has a huge number of users – This past month, Facebook surpassed even Google on the number of visitors. With 450 million users and still growing, Facebook has a huge base of current and potential customers for your business.

2. Social media and technology are constantly changing. Facebook is the place to be right now. It is the current new hot medium for businesses to be in.

3. A captive audience. Half a billion Facebook users spend an average of 6 hours per month on the site. This is a large captive potential audience base that is hard to ignore.

So what is a strategy to “dip your toe” into Facebook to make it a successful advertising strategy for your business?

Take a look at your current advertising and see if there are some small amounts that you can shift to Facebook advertising. Also, success can be obtained without advertising on Facebook as well. Set up a Facebook Business page for your business and start inviting your friends to “become a fan” of your business. Make your Business Page interactive by posting often and conducting surveys.

There are many ways to engage in social media and Facebook. If you need help navigating, contact us.