Teen Social Media Usage – Will Teens Be Back To Facebook As They Get Older?

Teens Trending Away From Facebook – Where are they going?

FaceBook_128x128Multiple times in our JenRus Freelance offices, we have talked about the topic of teens not using Facebook as much.  Instead, as one article on Yahoo! News put it, teens are trending away from Facebook and more toward social media sites like Tumblr and Twitter.  In fact, as a junior high coach in the community states, many of the junior high and high school kids now mostly use their Twitter and Instagram accounts.  This even rings true right here in small town rural Kansas.

Why Are Teens Trending Away From Facebook?

Sure, I see why trend following teens would start to navigate away from Facebook.  As some articles state, Facebook makes it too easy for teen’s parents to monitor what they do.  Facebook can also be a central location for drama from their peer groups.  As we have all seen, people get braver and nastier when they can hide behind the screen of their computer.  But, my question is, will these teens that are turning away from Facebook now be back as they graduate college and get into the workforce?

Will Teens Turn Back to Facebook?

The reasons why I think teens might be back to Facebook as they grow older are below:

1.  Facebook becomes more relevant – For a long time, until about the point I graduated college, I really didn’t see a need for LinkedIn.  I already had an E-mail account and didn’t really have a network outside of school.  But, as I graduated and started out into the workforce, LinkedIn suddenly became more valuable to me.  Additionally, as more people started to join Facebook, communities started to form “in” Facebook, and Facebook services eventually became a  part of my business…Facebook also became more relevant and valuable.  I have a feeling that as these teens grow into adults, that Facebook might become more relevant to them too.  That is if the next big, can’t live without, thing doesn’t come around first.  But, even if that does happen, it’s going to take awhile for the next trend to reach the 1.11 Billion users (source Facebook, Inc.).

2.  Facebook becomes essential to know what’s going on –  At JenRus Freelance we handle Economic Development services for many communities and our staff is also heavily involved in the communities in which we live. Along with this territory, we are involved in many community organizations.  We use Facebook heavily to advertise and invite people to events.  Personally, there are many weeks that I wouldn’t know what is going on in the community, if I didn’t have Facebook to refer to.  Sure the old ways of posters put up in public places, local access channels, and announcements on the radio are still there…but I can honestly tell you that I rarely use these outlets and I would be lost without Facebook.  I have a feeling that many teens will also find this out as they join communities, churches, have kids in sports, etc.  Facebook will become more essential to know what is going on.

3.  Facebook is valuable in communicating with people –  My husband got a Facebook page this year.  Yes, my “I have no need for Facebook and don’t want to be on it” husband signed up for a Facebook user ID.  Why did he do it?  Well, it wasn’t because he suddenly had an epiphany about Mark Zuckerburg.  It was because he could no longer find most of his potential work clients in the phone book and didn’t have an E-mail address for many of them.  I find that this is becoming more and more of an issue as people ditch their landline phones for cell phones.  If I have an acquaintance that I need to ask a question of for let’s say a church event, baseball fundraiser, etc., I more often than not turn to Facebook to see if I cannot find them there.  This now applies to people of all ages, my peers, people my parents age, even my co-workers Grandma is on Facebook.  For the same reason that some teens say that they don’t like Facebook – too wide of an age of users – these same people might find this very valuable about Facebook in a couple of years.

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Jenny Russell
JenRus Freelance