Pinterest Rules

Many people have heard about the relatively new social networking site, Pinterest. If not, this new marketing tool allows users to visually share and discover new interests by pinning images to boards and browsing what other users have pinned. According to Media Bistro, there are currently 70 million active users on Pinterest, which explains why so many businesses have picked up on this new tool. If Pinterest is used correctly you can really grow your business by reaching a bigger audience. We have some tips on how to make the most out of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

  1. Engage. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just pin your own images and hope that other users repin them. You too must actively engage with others by repining their content. To even go a step further, when you repin that specific user, tag them.. All you have to do is add the “@” symbol in front of their name and they will know that you mentioned them. It makes the repin more personal and that user is more likely to follow you.
  2. Relevant File Names. When uploading content, be sure and use strong keywords as part of the image’s file name. For instance, rather than keeping the file name from the camera’s generic setting, which may be something like “IMG_123”, customize it to reflect what you are trying to sell, like “black_dress_shirt”. Your product is more likely to appear in searches this way.
  3. Verify your account. Show pinners that you are an actual site and not spammy by verifying your business. You can do this on Pinterest’s website in the settings. Users are able to see if you are verified, making you more trustworthy to users who are then more likely to buy.
  4. Link to products. When you are trying to sell something always make sure you link the image to that specific product you are marketing on your website. If the image goes to a different product or if the link is broken in general, then obviously you will lose out on sales and could also lose followers this way by the frustration they face by this.
  5. Create boards. Create boards on your account that are relevant to your business or better yet products that are from your business and can be bought there. Make sure in the description area you are specific and clear as to what is it and even include the price, because pinners are not just on Pinterest to get ideas, they are also there to shop.
  6. Your website. Having a website for your business can really help your presence too. Add a “Pin Now” button to all of the products on your website. This makes it extremely easy for users to pin your products straight from your website, which gives you more exposure and you don’t have to physically upload that product to Pinterest yourself.

If used correctly, Pinterest can be a proven source for traffic to your website. This tool is a great way to be creative with your products and not to mention it’s free. It can be used for bloggers that focus on recipes, home remodeling tips, refinishing furniture and so much more. JenRus Freelance is an expert in many different social media avenues, including Pinterest. If you want to give your business more exposure then contact us about how to get started.