• Search Engine Optimization

    All about getting your website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  Our goal is to get your website to rank in the top twenty-five for all of your target keywords and preferably in the top three.  We handle organic search or Pay Per Click (PPC) search, including Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Confused by all of the choices out there?  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, blogs, forums, and more.  Let JenRus Freelance guide you through what options work best for promoting your business and get you set up in the social media world.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Get even more web traffic to your website through a SEM campaign in Google Adwords, Yahoo!/Bing Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Ads (promoted tweets), and more.

  • Writing

    Need some fresh search engine optimized copy for your website?  Want someone to set up and write a regular blog for your business?  Whatever your writing need, traditional media or Internet media, JenRus Freelance has you covered.

  • Affiliates Marketing

    Make your website work harder for you by having ads that pay you every time someone clicks on them.  Google Adsense and other Affiliates programs, let JenRus Freelance set them up for you.  Contact us for a free quote today.


  • Public Relations

    Getting your business mentioned and noticed for all of your positive attributes.  JenRus Freelance handles public relations.

  • Rural Life Marketing

    Introducing Rural Life Marketing, a new division of JenRus Freelance.  This division was started to better support and promote the JenRus Freelance commitment to preserving rural areas/rural development.  Whether it is helping rural businesses gain advantage in the world-wide market, promoting farm communities great way of life to potential new residents, or assisting those who grew up in rural areas in moving back….JenRus Freelance’s Rural Life Marketing division handles it all.  Learn more about our commitment to Rural Development and freelance economic development services.


  • Traditional Marketing Projects

    If you are looking for website designers in North Central Kansas or South Central Nebraska, look to JenRus Freelance.  We provide basic website design services.  JenRus Freelance also provides branding, help with marketing strategies, logo design, and other services that a bigger advertising agency provides….at a fraction of the cost.