Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can mean big business for you.  Not only can JenRus Freelance help your rank naturally (organically) in these search engines, we can also help you with search engine marketing (SEM) or advertising on these platforms.  JenRus Freelance can set up online advertising campaigns in:

Google Adwords

We have experience in Google Adwords, conducting campaigns for clients around the United States leading to high click through rates or in layman’s terms new customers for your business!

Yahoo! Advertising

While Google Adwords is the big player in online advertising, Yahoo! currently makes up 30% of the Internet advertising market (source Yahoo! 2013).  So, Yahoo! advertising shouldn’t be ignored.  Let JenRus Freelance put the power of SEM to work for you.

Bing Advertising

Bing is also a rising player in the search engine advertising world.  Let JenRus Freelance write up and place a winning ad for your business!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be very targeted and thus produce good return for your online advertising investment. We can also help you with the boost post feature within your Facebook timeline.

Twitter Advertising

Newly introduced promoted tweets can be important to your customers seeing your message.  Let us help!

All of these campaigns produce detailed analytics and statistics so that you know what your conversion rate is for the amount of money that you spend.

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